In classrooms across the school, In schools across the city, In cities across the nation, Urban Teacher Residencies are preparing a new kind of teacher from inside the classroom.

When Teachers Get a Head Start, Districts Get Ahead.

Roughly 50% of all urban public school teachers leave within the first three years. The retention rate for Urban Teacher Residency (UTR) grads beyond those crucial first three years is 85%.  It’s a difference that’s transforming districts.
And a model that’s producing results.

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UTRU and its partner programs are setting the standard for urban teacher preparation nationwide.
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Urban districts across the nation have an unmet need for highly effective teachers who have the knowledge and skills to use student data formatively to improve student achievement. 

To address this need, Urban Teacher Residency United (UTRU) created the research-based UTRU Assessment and...

Posted by Diana

Residency: Can it transform teaching the way it did medicine?

Absolutely!  And it is happening today in high need schools across the country.

In next month’s issue of Kappan magazine, Ronald Thorpe, President of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards asks this question and...

Posted by Jenna

Two polls released this week reveal support for the Common Core State Standards is waning.  Although both polls conclude public support has decreased in the past year, the difference between the two is significant.  The first poll released on Tuesday was conducted by Education Next, a...

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