In classrooms across the school, In schools across the city, In cities across the nation, Urban Teacher Residencies are preparing a new kind of teacher from inside the classroom.

When Teachers Get a Head Start, Districts Get Ahead.

Roughly 50% of all urban public school teachers leave within the first three years. The retention rate for Urban Teacher Residency (UTR) grads beyond those crucial first three years is 85%.  It’s a difference that’s transforming districts.
And a model that’s producing results.

The Network

UTRU and its partner programs are setting the standard for urban teacher preparation nationwide.
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This week Stephen Sawchuk explores the varying ways in which teacher preparation programs are handling the Common Core State Standards in this article. Focusing on a few traditional university programs, Sawchuk finds a wide variety of approaches - from revising courses and syllabi to address...

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Tom Kane briefly references teacher residencies in his recent piece for the Brookings Institution on considering “A Flexner Report on Teacher Preparation.”  He lists three components of teacher preparation that should work in concert with each other to create a more effective model of...

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Urban Teacher Residency United (UTRU) is pleased to announce the release of Measuring UTRU Network Program Impact 2014.  The report features highlights from the individual programs and the collective impact of the UTRU Network to stakeholders.  The report includes: 

– Annual size and...

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