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Roughly 50% of all urban public school teachers leave within the first three years. The retention rate for Urban Teacher Residency (UTR) grads beyond those crucial first three years is 85%.  It’s a difference that’s transforming districts.
And a model that’s producing results.

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Building Effective Teacher Residencies

Building Effective Teacher Residencies

Read this new report from UTRU examining the characteristics of highly successful teacher residency programs in UTRU’s Network.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Declining Interest in Teaching

The number of high school graduates interested in pursuing a career in teaching is steadily declining according to a new report released by ACT this week.  The Condition of Future Educators 2014 reveals that only 5 percent of ACT test-takers are interested in becoming an educator, down from...

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Teacher Experience in the Classroom

Several new studies on teachers’ experience in the classroom and student achievement suggest that it’s time to discard long-held notions that teacher performance increases only for the first few years on the job. In fact, the research suggests, the average teacher continues to build her...

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This week, UTRU is releasing our annual Network Partner Program Report.  The 2014-15 data reveals the continued impact of Network residency program residents, graduates, and mentors working in partnering high-need districts. The following are among the findings in our data collection.


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