Ongoing Support, Advocacy & Evaluation

As a voluntary network built in service to the partners, UTRU is committed to providing ongoing support to graduates of the Residency for Residencies Program in a number of key areas.

Serving Our Network Partners

I can't imagine where we'd be now without all of the content and support we've received from UTRU.  It's been a difference-maker for us.

Access to Best Practices and Innovation

UTRU develops practice-based quality standards to guide the development and progress of partner programs. Through the open exchange of feedback, these standards are actively refined and updated, serving as a primary source for best practices and innovation. Partners gain access to the UTRU intranet, where these standards are catalogued along with videos, newsletters and case studies representing the latest in UTR-related learning. The intranet also acts as an interactive forum where partners can contribute content and collaborate with one another.

The Annual Symposium

Each year, UTRU organizes a two-day conference dedicated to the support and promotion of Urban Teacher Residencies. The symposium begins with an internally oriented day, exclusively for UTRU partner programs. Partners from across the country convene to discuss important opportunities and identify priority topics for the network. During the second day, the symposium is opened to the general public. Subject matter revolves around building awareness and generating support for the Residency model, networking with potential partners and sharing learning with a broader audience.

Residency Working Groups

UTRU assists in the management of Residency working groups — collaborative forums that bring together teams from separate partner programs. Led by an existing Residency, each working group engages deeply on a specific element of the Residency model (e.g., recruiting, training, measurement and evaluation) to refine methods and share insight. These gatherings take place over conference calls, during RRP sessions or at an annual symposium, and often lead to the development of case studies to be incorporated into UTRU learning institutes or training modules.

National Advocacy

To promote awareness and rally support for Urban Teacher Residencies at the state and federal levels, UTRU has developed plans for an active policy department. The department will serve the interests of the network by shaping policy positions, conducting analysis, publishing papers and promoting advocacy on Capitol Hill. Partners will receive media briefings and press releases to showcase outcomes, and the department will provide training and support for conducting advocacy at the state level.

Fundraising Support

UTRU provides federal funding information and tailored support to its partners in pursuing public funding streams. Programs receive training and consultation from UTRU staff to assist with fundraising at the local and state levels, and benefit from coordinated support from key national funders. Partners also benefit from UTRU-specific funding for network-wide projects, including codification and evaluation of the Residency model.

Marketing Support

UTRU funds comprehensive public relations and marketing efforts to raise the profile of the partners and the network as a whole. Partners benefit from both nationwide and site-specific branding, and receive targeted marketing materials to attract qualified applicants. As an online resource, the UTRU website serves as a hub for those interested in learning more about UTRs and to channel qualified Resident teacher candidates as well as resources to partner programs.

Program Evaluation

UTRU works with network partners to evaluate the efficacy of each Residency program. By defining a common approach to the measurement and evaluation of important metrics, UTRU provides partners a critical resource for ensuring the continued success and progress of their Residency programs. The results of these evaluations are shared with all network partners and with funders and policy makers.

The Residency for Residencies Program

In order to benefit from the ongoing support that UTRU provides its network partners, startups must first complete the Residency for Residencies Program (RRP) — an immersive, two-year program that supports school districts, not-for-profits and universities launching Residency-based teacher preparation programs.

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